About the ensemble

The idea for a chamber music ensemble was born during an orchestra rehearsal, when two medical students pondered what opportunities there were for classical musicians in the student union at at Karolinska Institutet. Medicinska Föreningen’s Stroke-Ensemble was founded in the autumn of 2008 during a coffee break in restaurant Jöns Jacob.

Thanks to the immense diversity of Karolinska Institutet’s student body, the prerequisites for an active ensemble were met. Today, Stroket well established and well-known both within the student union and in Karolinska Institutet.

The number of active members varies but is normally between 6-12 people.


Stroket is a platform for string musicians who wish to assemble for chamber music and maintain or develop their musical interest during the academic years. Rehearsals are held weekly or biweekly.

We perform at balls, graduation ceremonies, professorial inaugurations, and other events. Various ensembles are put together depending on the event, such as string quartets, larger string ensembles, or piano accompaniments. The ensemble hosts an annual Solvik event, where members can socialize and play music together. There is occasional collaboration with other associations such as Corpus, Ascalpella and Blåslaget.

Instruments and music

The ensemble is primarily intended for string players: violinists, violists, cellists and double bassists. In some productions there is also room for pianists. Other musicians are welcome to contact Stroket to, for example, play pieces where string accompaniment is needed. There are no auditions needed to join the ensemble, but new members should know how to play their instrument.

The repertoire is mainly classical, but also includes modern music. Sheet music is available digitally via cloud services for members. Information about gigs and other gatherings is shared via the Facebook group “Stroket”.