Hire the ensemble?

Do you or your organization need a string quartet for mingle music, a whole string orchestra, or a solo violinist at a competitive price? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a business inquiry. We have many ideas and suggestions for the repertoire. We are usually able to arrange performances and necessary resources even on a short notice.

Play with us?

We are a non-profit association within Medicinska Föreningen, a student union that is open to everyone. If your instrument is collecting dust in the closet and you’d like to play every now and then without strict adherence to weekly rehearsals, we are the obvious choice. The level of commitment and pace is up to you. In addition to the gigs, we gather for rehearsals and other social events. And we have fun!

We disclose our activities mainly via our Facebook group called “Stroket”. Welcome in!

Contact info

Facebook: Stroket



Phone: 076-416 03 70